Microsoft Pulls a Policy Pull out

News update: For those who haven’t checked out the internet in the past 24 Hours… Microsoft has officially ditched their built into console DRM as well as there automatic online check in that was required to play games. We at The Skeptical Gamer are happy Microsoft made the move we all knew they had to, but are still not sold by the Xbone. While yes, they did give in to consumer and core gamer pressure, it seems to be to little to late. Microsoft has shown that they give little concern for their audience and have shown their true colours. Its a shame but a truth. All of the policies of both consoles can ultimately be reversed. But in the end do you want to give your hard earned money to a company that gave you the middle finger?

So are the console wars still on? Is it over, and is a single console the given winner? Are you moving to exclusive PC gaming, or holding out until that final hour to decide?

Please feel free to let us know in comments.

-The Skeptical Gamers-


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